Dues and Donations

  • Annual Alumni Dues

    Annual Alumni dues are $75. By paying through the secured PayPal link you will be charged $77.32 to cover the PayPal transaction fee.


    Benefits of paying your dues include discounts/free events such as tailgates and Homecoming Meet & Greets.


    Thank you for your support!

  • Recurring Payments

    We now offer the recurring payments feature. Simply click on the Subscribe button below and your card will be charged the same time every year. No need to get bothered with invoices.


  • One Time Payment


  • Rose to the 2017 Dues Payers! Rose to the 2016 Dues Payers! Rose to the 2015 Dues Payers!

    Carl Fanaro

    Zach Simms (PayPal recurring)

    Derek Ryan

    Duane Williams

    Rick Scott Ross Stanfield

    Eric Mattson

    Jay Nault (recurring)

    Justin De La Rosa (recurring)

    Carl Fanaro Anthony Caselnova
      Bill Matthew Jason Pott
      Brad Dilling  Mickey Jaap
      Jack Parrino (PayPal recurring)
      Russel Weich
      Zach Simms (PayPal recurring) Shawn Harrison
      Travis Loxton Michael Caselnova
      Tom Coates
      Duane Williams  Scott Kalman
      Bruce Van Fleet Buddy Morris (PayPal recurring)
      Derek Ryan 
      Justin Dela Rosa (PayPal recurring) Jim Farr
      Jeff Kirk  
      Jay Nault (PayPal recurring)
      Andy Coe (PayPal recurring) Tom Ownby (PayPal recurring)
      Bill Mariotti (PayPal recurring) Brent Davenport
      Scott Bragan John Kantor
      Denny Mullis Trey Heyward
      Pablo Iglesias Stephen Mangione
      Jim Crotty (PayPal recurring) Mike Castellari
      Bill Moore  Jim Harvey (PayPal recurring)
      Dave Hill Dean Legge
      Jim Farr Dave Hill
      Jim Harvey (PayPal recurring) Russ Maynard
      Brett Farrar Kyle Beaudry
      Andy Granger
      Emory Dare Matt Schnell
      John Kantor  Brett Farrar
      Mike Castellari  Andy Jordan
      Steve Mangione Frank Kerney
      Scott Kalman  Nick Potts
      Buddy Morris (PayPal recurring) Bill Mariotti (PayPal recurring)
      Jack Parrino (PayPal recurring) Ryan Schlenker
      Tom Ownby (PayPal recurring) Andy Coe (PayPal recurring)
      Ray Fackler Travis Loxton
      Ryan Wesner (PayPal recurring) Jeff Kirk
      Chad Norris (PayPal recurring) Tripper Page
      John Greer (PayPal recurring) Bruce Van Fleet
      Nick Potts Duane Williams
        Mike Owens
        Carl Fanaro
        Jason Pott
        Dan McSherry
        Tom Geary
        Tom Coates
      Jim Worsdale
      Bill Moore